Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located in the North of Mexico in the State of Sonora, Mexico just South of Arizona. 170 miles from the border and we have the same time zone as Arizona all year.

Contracting our services?

We are an Arizona Company with an affiliate in Mexico. All contracts are signed and executed in Arizona.

What if we need 1 or 2 developers?

That is perfectly fine. We can put together large teams of different skillsets and levels of experience, but if you need a small team or even just one person, we can help you too.

We are not a software company, but we need to build or maintain software to run our operation, can you put together a team for me?

Absolutely. We are a great value partner for companies in the software industry but, if software is not your area of expertise, we have solutions to provide you with a high performance development team.

Do you do projects?

Yes, we can do projects. We bring Agile practices to the traditional project model. Talk to us, let’s discuss what you need, and we will put together the best solution for you.

What type of resources can you provide?

  • Software Developers
  • Test Engineers
  • Technical Leads
  • Software Architects
  • Program Managers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Graphic Designers

And other related. With levels of experience according to what is required for your projects.

What kind of software development technologies do you work with?

We can find resources with a wide variety of skillsets and levels of experience. Of course, it is easier to find profiles aligned to the more widely used technological platforms, like Microsoft Stack, Java, or variations of the LAMP stack. But it is possible to find people with other skills as well.

Do you have experience with "X" technology, industry or type of project?

That is one of the advantages of our model. Since we build the teams according to the required skills and experience, we leverage the individual background of each member we hire for our clients.

Can the number of members of a dedicated team increase or decrease as needed?

Yes. We just require 30 days notice for any changes in the team.

Can all or some of the team members travel onsite for a period of time?

We have engineers who can travel and can coordinate with you if they need to be on site. However, we need to check specific cases to ensure that the engineers have all of required documentation.

Can I go and visit the team from time to time?

Absolutely! We love that, and we strongly advise it. We are not too far, so taking advantage of that and planning some face to face time with the team brings great benefits on communication, team cohesiveness, and motivation.

Do all engineers speak English?

We require a certain level of English skills when we hire a person. This ensures that at least they can communicate at a basic conversational level. Of course, some may be more out of practice than others, but usually one can see significant improvements on fluency over time.

How long does it take to put together a team?

It depends on the team size and the characteristics of the profiles, but typically for a small team with mainstream skillsets and no special experience requirements, it can take between 3 and 6 weeks.

Can a client interview the people that will be in his team for a final approval?

Yes. However, when a team is larger than a few positions, it is recommended that the client interviews only the leads and have them interview the rest of the team members. Otherwise, the ramp up time can get too long.

How do we get started?

Get in touch with us, via phone or email.
Let’s schedule a session to go over your requirements.
We build a proposal for you.
Once accepted, we sign contracts and start putting together the team.
We start developing great software for you.